The Cytogenetic and pathological effects of toluene on female Mice


The study objective was to explore the effects of toluene on cytogenetic status incluin mitotic index, blast index, chromosomal aberration and DNA damaged, one hundred eighty adult female albino mice. They were selected randomly, equally, and then allocated into three bunches each was divided into three groups to represent control group, group 1 (G1) and group 2 (G2) administration from (LD50). These were administrated orally and continuously for 60 days with toluene at doses of 0.1 ml / kg B.W. ,and  0,2 ml / Kg B.W.  Control group received olive oil and distilled water, G1 oral administration from LD50 daily for 30 days and G2 oral administration from LD50 daily for 60 days. Fasting blood samples collected by cardiac puncture technique at 0, 30 and 60 days of experimental.  Blood drawn by cardiac puncture technique for measuring some parameters related to toluene toxicity on reproductive organ and cytogenetic status at 60 days. The occurrence of toxic effects of toluene manifested by central nervous sings including abnormal gait of animals in cage, tremor, ataxia and convulsion, rapid and shallow respiration, irritation of eye, as well as structural pathological changes in uterus and ovaries tissues sections including enlargement of ovaries with adhesion  edematous, sloughing of endometrium, pyometria, necrosis, degeneration of ovaries cells with lymphocytic (infiltration and  coughing)  around blood vessels and lymphocytic granuloma with peritonitis , the results also showed  toxicity effects of toluene on mitotic index , blast index , significant increase in chromosomal aberration mostly fragment  and DNA damaged represented by (tail length ,tail intensity and tail movement).

Hussein A. Al-Hillali  , Bushra I. AL-Kaisie

College of Veterinary medicine, University of Baghdad .Department of pathology


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