Effect of different concentrations foliar of potassium on yield and yield commpont for varieties of Sorghum bicolor L. (moench))


A field experiment was applied in Autumn season 2015 in Agriculture experiments and researches station in  Al-Muthanna university to know the response of sorghum crop ( Inkath and Rabih) to fooling appalled by four concentration spray  from potassium ( 0 , 4000 ,8000 and 12000 mg K/L). This experiment designed with factorial  experimental design to use R.C.B.D design with three replicates, the result showed increasing of potassium concentrate to ( 12000 ml k .liter -1) in spraying solution that leads to significant increasing in all yields characters and studied components (seeds number / head  and 1000 grain and seeds yields and biological yields) . High means was recorded from high concentrate of potassium fertilizer (27.06, 10.91, 36.48, 3708). as for protein ratio in grains was supine  in two concentrates (8000ml .L-1 , 12000 ml .L-1 ) and given higher means that amount to (11.93 and 12.13 % ) respectively, so we recommended to added potassium element in Sorghum bicolor fields because its  action to different yields characters response.

Yhiya  Kuraidy Chillab, Agric. College, Al-Muthanna Univ.*

Saja Abdullah Mohammed, Agric. College, Al-Muthanna Univ.


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