volume( 6 ) Issue no(3) year 2018

volume( 6 ) Issue no(3) year 2018






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SH.I. AL-rfeia
M.R. AL-absawy
The Effect of Different Levels of Fertilizer NPK of Growth and yield Medicago sativa L. and Triticosecale and Mixture 1

Zainab Salim Jabbar
Kadhem Mohammed Sabaa
Study of the relationship between the concentration of leptin ,Testosterone and insulin in the infertile men 2

Faisal H. Nasser
Osamah K. AL-Ukeili
Economic of potato production for Atumn season 2015-2016, Baghdad governerate as practical case 3

T. M. Saad
M.H. AL-absawy
Kinetic Release of Phosphorus when Adding Different Levels of Phosphor and its Fractionation in the Soil Planted Wheat Crop  (Triticum aestivum L) 4

ALI, H.K. AI- Hillali
Saied W.S
Individual and combined Effect of Aflatoxine B1 and ochratoxine –A in BroiIer Chicken Performance (ISA). 5

Faisal Mihbes Al-Tahir
Hawraa Saad Al-Jayashi1
Effect of Bacterial pollination and mixing of different seeding rates of Avena sativa L. with Trifolium alexandrinum L. in growth and fodder yield of Clover 6

Khadim M. S

Ahmed A. K

Morphological study of Histological changes of the Normal and cystic follicles in the ovaries of local cows in Iraq 7

Mohamad K. Hamed AL-Absaw

Effect of using three different sources of water in some hematological traits of local male rabbits (oryctolagus cuniculus).


Salih Hadi Farhood Al-Salim

Maysoun M. Saleh

Nabeel A. K.AL-kaeath

Reem Al-edelbi

Response of Triticum aestivum Wheat (IPA99 variety) to Different Types of Organic Fertilizers



Ahmed J. Al-yasery

Hadi A. Hassooni. AL-Brkat

Hameed A. wadah

Baseem .F.Shaker

Study effect of lambing type , lamb sex , consecutive and early weaning on growth and body measurements lambs of Arabi sheep










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