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Effect of magnetic treated irrigation water on the chemical properties of saline soil planted

H. J. Altoblany* J.S.Abd Alhamza** B. M. J. ALzobaidi * *Muthanna University /College of Agriculture / Department of Soil Science and Water Resources **Qadisiyah University/ College of Agriculture / Department of Soil Science and Water Resources   Abstract A plot experiment had been carry out in Qadisiyah University / Faculty of Agriculture on November 4014 […]

Physiological study on GA content, growth and yield of eight tomato hybrids and cultivars with in infected with Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV)

Malik H. Karem, Falah H. Issa, Aqeel N. Barbar Muthanna University / College of Agriculture, Karbala/College of Agriculture Volume 4, Issue 1, 2016 Page 141-157 Abstract An Experiment was conducted in private field in college of Agriculture/ Karbala Uni. During autumn season 2014, to assess eight cultivars sensitivity (Faten, Moneymaker, Alaziza, Mugestem, Hybridindian, Super regina, […]

Effect Salicylic acid treatment in improving wheat and chickpeas under salt stress conditions

Mohammed Alwan Hashim,  Mohammed Radwan Mahmoud, Nasser Habib Mahabs Muthanna University / Faculty of Agriculture / Department of Field Crops Volume 4, Issue 1, 2016 Page 158-168 Abstract The Experiment carried out to study the effect treatment of acid salicylic in improving wheat and chickpea plants in the germination stage and seedling growth under salt […]

Studying Draft Requirements and Plowing Specifications for Chisel Plow in Silty Clay Soil

A.J. Nassir,  M. N. Ramadhan, S.D .Mohssein Machines and Agricultural Machineries Dept./ Agric. College/ Basrah University/ Basrah Volume 4, Issue 1, 2016 Page 100-119 Abstract Experiment was conducted at the fields of Agricultural College- University of Basrah, Karmatt-Ali campus according to randomized complete block design (RCBD) with a split plot arrangement of the treatments to […]

Effect of aqueous extract of flowers Roselle effect on the characteristics of body weight, weight gain, feed consumption and feed conversion rate of Japanese quail

Aqeel Hajim Nasser Al –zalzaly, Mousa Amin Hassan, Ali Hussein Khalil Al-Halaly Muthanna University / College of Agriculture / Livestock Department Volume 4, Issue 1, 2016 Page 120-132 Abstract Experiment was conducted in research station (the first) of the Faculty of Agriculture/ University of Muthanna for the period from 07/22/2015 until 09/5/2015 in order to […]

The effect of inoculation with the bacterium in the growth and development of and its impact on growth and yield of wheat which followed

Turki Muftin Saad, Abdul-Karim hammed Hassan, Sofia Jabbar Jasim Muthanna University / College of Agriculture, Agriculture Ministry Volume 4, Issue 1, 2016 Page 36-51 Abstract A field experiment was carried out in Rumaitha research station which belong to the national program for the development of wheat cultivation in Iraq during the agricultural season 2014 -2015 […]

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