Volume(5)iss No.(1)Year(2017)




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Hakam Kariem Dweny


The effects of addition some soil ammendements on water status of loamy sand texture 



Khalid Jameel Shamkhi                                                       

 Eiada Adday Obaied 

Effect of brassinolide and GA3 on growth, quantity and quality of Fig (Ficus carica L.)



Abdul Mohsin A. Radi

Hussein Q. Allawi


Study the Fluctuation of the Levels and Quality of the Groundwater around the Sawa lake and the Extent of its Impact on the Lake water: 1-Rotate the water at Sawa Lake



Falah Hasan Issa

Raheem Alwaan Hallol Jassim

Ahmed Mohammed Kinnan

Effect of Method of Phosphorus Fertilizer Application and Magnetic of Irrigation Water on Growth and Yield of Helianthus annuus L. in Salty Soil.



Falah Hasan Issa

Alaa Ali Mohmmed

Effect of gamma rays on Quality characters of three variety of bean



Kawther A. H. Al-Mosawi

Bahaa A. J. A. Karee 

Effect of iron and zinc paper spraying on growth and yield of white maize The effect of the conventional and modified subsoiler on the Saturated hydraulic conductivity in clay soil during different periods and growth and yield sun flower crop (Helianthus annus L.)



Yhiya  Kuraidy Chillab

 Saja Abdullah Mohammed


Effect of different concentrations foliar of potassium on yield and yield commpont for varieties of Sorghum bicolor L. (moench))



Mohammed H . Saleh 

Riyed . K . Mossa

Effect of use magnetic water and feed restriction time on carcasses traits broiler chicks



Turki Muftin Sa’ad

Asalah Munaf Abd

Effect of levels of N and foliar application of Fe on N and Fe concentration in soil and plant



Ahmed J. Al-yasery

Comparative Physiological and Anatomical and Histological study of parts of Gastroitestinal Tract

Between Chicken (Gallus gallus) , Geese (Anserini domestica) and Racing Pigeon (Columba livia domestica)



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