Effect application of Nitrogen & phosphor fertilizers on yield & yield components of maize Zea Mays L.

Khawla Dawood Gatie, Kadem Kidami Al-Asady
Agronomy Department
University of Basra

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2015 Page 42-46


Field experiment were connected in Hartha experiment station –agriculture college –Basra university during the
fall 2012 growing season to study effects of Urea(46% N) & super phosphate (P2O5 42% P ) fertilizers on
characteristics yield & components of Zea Mays L.(hybrid 3001) the experiment held in 1/8/2012 .use three levels
of nitrogen {urea} (100 , 200 , 300) Kg /ha and four levels of phosphor (40 ,50, 60,70) Kg /ha .the experimental
design was R.C.B.D and the treatments were in split – plot arrangement with three replicates .the results showed
that there was significant grain yield among two fertilizers in the same time the fertilizers effect on plant heights
,L.A.I , and weight of 500 grain (gm) and grain yield (gm).the interaction was significant effect

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