Effect of Irrigating Broad Bean ( Vicia faba L.)With a Salinity Water levels Phosphorus Fertilization levels on Growth and Soil Salinity

Kadhim H. Huthily1,  Ali Raheem Kareem AL-Hasany2
1University of Basrah
2University of Muthanna

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2015 Page 78-86


A field experiment was conducted during the winter season of 2013-2014 at a private field in Al-qurna county in a clay loam soil with an electrical condnctivity 3.2 dsm-1 ;to study the effect of saline irrigation water and application of phosphorous fertilizers and their interaction on growth of broad bean (Vicia faba L.) (Var. Luz de otono) and on soil salinity.
The experiment was carried out by usings five salinity levels of irrigation water : (1.8 (river water) , 4 , 6 , 8 , and 10) dsm-1 and three levels of phosphorus fertilizer (0 , 60 and 120 kg p ha-1) . The experiment was designed by R.C.B.D. as a split plot in three replicates. The salinity levels were in the main plots , while the p levels in the sub plots.
The results indicated that high level of salinity caused an increasing in the period from planting to 50% flowering while the phosphate fertilizer caused a reduction in this period.
The results also showed decreasing in hight of plant ; numberof branches, lenght of pod and dry weight of shoots from 77.29 cm , 5.98 , 19.89 cm and 25.74 gm by using river water to 45.37 cm , 3.58 , 15.19 cm and 7.77 gm when the salinity of irrigation water was 10 ds.m-1 Addition of phosphate fertilizer with dosage of 120 kg P ha-1 showed increasing in plant high , number of branches , length of pod and dry weight of shoots from 51. 87cm , 4.12 , 16.55 cm and 9.62 gm respectively in control treatment (0 phousphor) to 61.32cm , 5.01 , 17.56 cm and 17.53 gm by using 120 kg P ha-1 .
The interaction between water salinity and phosphate fertilization showed significant effect in most of the characteristics studied .
Using of saline water caused an increasing in soil salinity by 108, 115, and 187% when using 6, 8, and 10 ds m-1 irrigation water respectively

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