Produced on artemia Iraq biomass by using animal Cow manure and artificial diet in laboratory condition

Ahmed Abass Salman                  Taghreed S.M.
Agriculture College Baghdad University /Muthanna University /College of Agriculture

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2016 Page 20-35


The present study conducted rearing Iraqi artimia Artemia parthenogentica brought from Diala province in laboratory conditions tap water with a (25 Cᵒ , Ph =7.5) ,at postgraduated fish laboratory, Agriculture College ,University of Baghdad , by using animal Cow manure at concentraturns of 2,4 and 6 grams per liter salty water (85 part per thousand using sawah lake salt ,located in AL-Muthana province. Two initiated stoking densities of artemia were issued (25 and 50 individuals / L. The results showed the best growth rate , mature adult number and survival rates were found in 4 grams Cow manure/L,at density of 25individual/L. A density of 6 adult /L being reared in 4 gram Cow manure /Lfedand artificial diet, Has monthly produced on artemia biomass 1.398 grams /L . Adult wos sexually matured on 12 days at a length of 3.5 mm and 3.75 mm and this phenomenon occurs for the first time in Iraq and survival rate of 89%for 6 grams Cow manure /L.

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