The reasons for the deterioration of beekeeping in the province of Dhi-Qar

Abud Imam Alun kife, Abood kalf majdy
The Technical Institute Of Shatrah

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2016 Page 87-99


Conducted a field survey using a questionnaire for nine apiaries distributed in northern, central and southern Dhi -Qar province, for the period from 1/2 / 2013- 05/01/2014 The results showed that the main reasons for the deterioration of beekeeping in the province of pests and vegetation and the failure of partitions and the use of pesticides and specialization as deterring the percentage of 100% and 80%, 20% and 60% and 44%, respectively, and had lesions influential role as a bird Abu-Khudair Iranian form of damage, followed by the biggest wasp. It comes lice blind third class, followed by the major wax worm varying degrees depending on the cells strength and there are other lesions accounted few cases, as in the rot disease brood either partitions failure was 20% and that the best time to hold them from 15/2 to 1/3 as the success rate reached a 80And amounted to 70% for the period from 1/4 to 15/4 either vegetation was 20% and the damage was clear. Because the cultivated that cover the needs of the bees from the nectar and pollen.

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