Effect Salicylic acid treatment in improving wheat and chickpeas under salt stress conditions

Mohammed Alwan Hashim,  Mohammed Radwan Mahmoud, Nasser Habib Mahabs
Muthanna University / Faculty of Agriculture / Department of Field Crops

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2016 Page 158-168


The Experiment carried out to study the effect treatment of acid salicylic in improving wheat and chickpea plants in the germination stage and seedling growth under salt stress during the agricultural season 2015-2016, designed the experiments according to the randomized complete design and included two types of crops: the first crop of wheat (Abu Ghraib) The second crop is chickpea plant (local variety) and the experimental work involved the first laboratory to determine the optimal concentration of salicylic acid (SA) in germination and growth of seedlings crop wheat, chickpeas stage was measured by the percentage of germination and length of shoot and root (mm) after the 3.5.7 days from sowing .The Experiment carried out by using sodium chloride, according to randomized complete design (0ds | m, 2ds | m, 4dS | m, 6dS | m, 8dS | m) by three replications , the percentage of germination of the length of the shoot (cm ), root length (cm), shoot fresh and dry weight (g), the weight of root wet and dry (g) after 20 days from sowing. the relative water content, chlorophyll concentration in the leaves were measured. the results showed the following: increased concentrations of salt led to decrease percentage of germination reached 61% and 46% and the average of : shoot length reaching 0.7 mm and 0.8 mm, root length14-mm and 20-mm, wet weight73 g and 85 g, dry weight 220 g and 248 g in wheat and chickpeas respectively, as well as soak seeds by acid, salicylic before planting a concentration of 1.5 mM reduced the negative effects of the concentration of high-salt, and improved values for all the studied indicators and the percentage increase follows: the average length of the shoot 73 and 37% , a radical 35 and 53.57% , an average wet weight of the root 27.05 and 43.83% , the average shoot 45 and 50% , the average dry weight of the root 27.69 and 45.2% , the average shoot 41.9 and 34.78% , the average relative water content of 10.98 and 28.35% the average concentration of chlorophyll 34.28 and 40.9% in wheat, chickpeas, respectively.

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