Physiological study on GA content, growth and yield of eight tomato hybrids and cultivars with in infected with Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV)

Malik H. Karem1 Falah H. Issa Aqeel N. Barbar
1College of Agri.- Al- Muthanna Uni./ 2College of Agri.- Karbala Uni

An Experiment was conducted in private field in college of Agriculture/ Karbala Uni. During autumn season 2014, to assess eight cultivars sensitivity (Faten, Moneymaker, Alaziza, Mugestem, Hybridindian, Super regina, Ghazalah, Mugestem) to Tomato yellow leaf curl virus using white fly infection Bemisia tabaci Genn. Experiment was adopted as randomized complete Design (CRD) with three replicates. Means were compared by least significant differences (L.S.D) at the level of probability of 0.05.
Results showed, Faten hybrid was superior to give highest in GA content, plant height, total chlorophyll, number of florescences per plant, number of flower per florescences and yield parameter, reached (4.52 Micrograms/ kg Fresh weight, 63.33 cm, 41.33 SPAD, 5.33 florescences per plant, 6.33 flower per florescences, 621.00 gm) respectively. Ghazalah hybrid was superior to give highest in leaf area reached 191.67 dcm2.
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