Effect application of Nitrogen and phosphor fertilizers on yield and yield components of maize Zea Mays L.


Field experiment was connected in Hartha experiment station, Agric. College, Basra Univ. during 2012 growing  season to study the effects of three urea(46% N, 100 , 200 , 300Kg.h-1) rates and super phosphate (P2O5 42% P ) fertilizers on yield components of Zea Mays L.(hybrid 3001and four levels of phosphor 40 ,50, 60,70 Kg.h-1. Significant grain yield increases were obtained from the application of two fertilizers in terms of plant heights, LAI, weight of 500 grain (g) and grain yield (g).

a Dawood Gatie, Basra University, Agric. College.

Kadem Kidami Al-Asady, Basra University, Agric. College.


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