Effect of different levels of Phosphate fertilization in yield and components for three cultivars of Wheat crop (Triticum aestivum L.)


A field experiment was during winter season of 2013-2014 at AL-Shinana, Basrha to detect the best production responses of the three wheat cultivars Triticum aestivum L., namely Abu Graib-3, Tammoz-2 and Latifia. to phosphate fertilizer rates 0 , 40 , 80 , 120 kg  P2O5 1. Abu-Graib cultivar gave the highest of grain yield (6,98t,hˉ¹)  when fertilized by 120 kg  P2O5 1 , as compared to Tammoz – 2 (6,54 t.h-1) and Latifia (6,51 t,hˉ¹).  Grain yield increase of Abu-Graib resulted from the higher yield components such as number of spike m-2   (638, 86), and 1000- grain weight (31,09 gm).

*Hashim  R. Majid  Agric. College, Basra Univ.

Sundus, K, J, AL-Hilfi, Agric. College, Basra Univ


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