Polyculture densities of Common carp and Silver Carp in floating cages Muthanna province the Euphrates River


This study was conducted to demonstrate the impact of the raising different carp populations, namely common carp and silver carp and a mixture of both on the growth indicators in floating cages. 680 fish of common Carp, 120 Carp Silver) weights ranged from 10-15 g on four pilot transactions. The treatments were (T1, 50 fish / m³ Carp common), (T2, 45 fish / m³ Carp common 5 fish / m³ Carp Silver), (T3, 40 fish / m³ common Carp, 10 fish / m³ Carp Silver) and (T4, 35 fish / m³ common Carp, 15 fish / m³ Carp Silver). Four cages were made from galvanized iron, size cage 4m³. The experiment lasted for four months starting from 01/10/2014 to 30/01/2015. Fish was fed by bush business locally manufactured, weight was measured every 15 days and weight gained rate, the rate of relative growth, specific growth rate, feed conversion rate, the proportion of protein efficiency were recorded.. The best growth obtained in the third and fourth treatments.

Taha Yassin Farhan, Desert study center/ Al-Muthanna University

  Louay Mohammed Abbas, Fish research center/ Science and Technology Ministry

Dhellal  Muhammed Halbos, Agriculture college/ Al-Muthanna University


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