Comparative Physiological and Anatomical and Histological study of parts of Gastroitestinal Tract Between Chicken (Gallus gallus) , Geese (Anserini domestica) and Racing Pigeon (Columba livia domestica)


This study was carried out in the laboratories of Agriculture college, Al-Muthanna University to investigate the comparative anatomical and histological structures of gastrointestinal tract in three species of avian (local poultry, local Gees and Pigeon), A18  birds was used, in which they were divided into 6 birds for each group. The anatomical results in poultry, geese and pigeon revealed that they possesses swallowing crop numerous mucous glands. In pigeon, swallowed crop was connected with muscular part of esophagus (10-15cm) length to form crop and proventriculus, which is a thick swallowing wall of conical shape. The results showed that poultry revealed significant superiorities at (P≤0.05) over geese and pigeon in anatomical dimensions of crop and gizzard, while poultry and pigeon revealed significant superiorities at (P≤0.05) over geese in proventriculus weight, length and thickness, the poultry and geese revealed a significant superiority over pigeon, while in width, the poultry revealed significant superiority on geese and pigeon

Ahmed J. Al-yasery, Agric. College, Al-Muthanna Univ.


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