Effect of Method of Phosphorus Fertilizer Application and Magnetic of Irrigation Water on Growth and Yield of Helianthus annuus L. in Salty Soil.


This study was conducted at AL-Bander experimental research station -College of Agriculture- University of Almuthana during 2015-2016. The study included five dose of Magnetic (0, 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 Guss.) and phosphorus Fertilizer aplication (Broadcast, Banding Side application and Banding at Lines). A Randomized Completely Black design (R.C.B.D) was used with four replicates. The means were compard according to L.S.D Test at The level 0.05. The Magnetized water (3000 Guss) M3 treatment highly increased stem diameter, 1000 Seeds weight, yield of seeds and seed proten percentage (21.0 mm , 71.88 g and 5.17 Mg ha-1, 34.66%, respectively). The treatment of P method of application caused significantly increases in heigh of plant, Stem diameter, leaf area and yield of Seeds (96.82 cm, 20.85 mm, 33.56 dm2 and 4.33 Mg ha-1, respectively). P3 banding application was superier over percentage of Protein in Seeds reached to 28.34%. The result of interaction between magnatic of water and P application significantly influenced growth and yield. The P2*M4 dual treatment Significantly increased the leaf area, yield and Seeds protein percentage (40.113 dm2, 5.70 Mg.h-1 and 36.81%, respectively).

 Falah Hasan Issa Agric. College, ALMuthanna Univ.*

 Raheem Alwaan Hallol Jassim, Agric. College, ALMuthanna Univ.

Ahmed Mohammed Kinnan, Agric. College, ALMuthanna Univ.


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