Effects of pesticides on some wheat varieties (Triticum aestivum L.) Under the conditions of Muthanna Razak H., Agric. College, Al-Muthanna Univ


A field experiment was conducted in Al Muthanna, Al Bandar, Agric. College, AlMuthanna Univ., during season of 2015, to study the effect of chemical control on some growth traits and four varieties of wheat. Chemical control Trains included a travertine pesticide of 1 liter / 200 liters of water and a Pantera + Lasso pesticide of 1.7 liters / 200 liters of water per hectare and pesticide 2.4-DB of 200 mg / kg soil and control treatment and four varieties Abu Ghraib, Tamoz 1, Maxibak, Ibaa99 in secondary plot. Abu Ghraib cv., showed superiority over the rest varieties, since it gave the highest plant height (113.75 cm), dry weight of the flag paper (0.254 g) and yield (5.89 t / h). Superiority of the class of Iba 99 observed in the number of spikes (20.82). Pantera + Lasso spray on the other treatments significantly gave the highest plant height (112.1 cm) and the highest yield (6.55 ton / h). The Pantera + Lasso and travertine pesticide spray treatment and 2.4.D exceeded the control treatment in the weight of 1000 grains (33.45-33.53-33.55 g, respectively). Pantera + Lasso x Abu Ghraib showed the highest plant height (119.5 cm) and yield (7.1 tons / h).

Razak H., Agric.  College, Al-Muthanna Univ.


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