Morphological study (vegetative, flowering, fruiting) of date Palm cultivars phoenix dactylifera L. varying in their maturity


This study was conducted during 2016-2017 at Abu-Khasib orchards /Basrah province to evaluate the taxonomical value of morphological characters, by which maturity variation between three cultivars can be determined. Trunk circumference was one of important characters to distinguished between alhlawee, albrhee, alkhasab cultivars which were 106cm, 191 cm, 182 cm respectively . While, the leaf length of alhlawee, albrhee and alkhasab were 321.7, 385, 372,7cm, respectively, the albrhee, leaf significantly differ from that of alhalawi and alkasab leaves, this indicated that the leaf lenght having important taxonomical values. Leaf thickness is a criterion for distinguishing between these cultivars. Length rate and weight of the spathe of alkasab cultivar significantly differ from those in  Albrhee ,  and alhalawee cultivars, and albrhee significantly differ from that of alhalawi in  the length of spathe 56, 37.7,52 cm , in 633, 250, 300g, respectively. Albrhee can be significantly distinguished from alhalawee by fruit weight at the beginning of Alkalal stage which was 10, 8.57,7.88 g, respectively, while the cultivar alkhasab could be distinguished from alhlawee and albrhee at the late stage of alkalal 12, 5,10, 8,9g,  respectively.

Yahya N. Kalaf, Date palm research Center, Basra*

 AbdulKareem  M.   Abd, Agric. College, Basra Univ.

  Kadhim J. Hammadi, Agric. College, Basra Univ.


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