A comparison of groundwater quality and the extent of matching to WHO limits according to the places in the Samawa desert (Iraq)


This research included a comparison between the chemical and physical properties (water quality) of the ground water (the wells water) in the different parts of the Samawa desert to compare the quality of Samawa ground water with the limited quality of World Health Organization (WHO) for drinking water. Several parameters are made for (16) wells and (3) artesian wells which are located in the different regions of Samawa desert depending on the scientific methods of sample collection in mid – February (2016). In this research, information about the location and geological aspects of Samawa desert are provided. The results showed that there are differences in the ground water aspects (chemical and physical aspects) among wells water and most of the wells water was a saline water generally in comparison with the WHO limits. However, there are three wells possesses a good quality of water and matching with WHO limits.

Athier Hussin, Sawa Lake and Desert Studies Center, Muthanna University



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