Effect of levels of N and foliar application of Fe on N and Fe concentration in soil and plant


A field experiment was carried out in Al-Muthanna province, southern Iraq, 2015 to study the effect of nitrogen in four levels (0, 60, 180, 240) kg N ha-1 and foliar application of  iron (0,50,100,150) mg Fe l -1 on growth and yield of wheat Al- Rashid variety. Split plot design of two factors was used in this study, nitrogen the main plot and iron was the sub plot. N3 treatment significantly excelled N2 in the plant height 109.2 cm and leaf area of ​​45.59 cm 2 and weight of a 1000 grain 51.95 g  and  the N content of plant  2.75% and N available in soil at flowering stage 32.31 mg N Kg -1 soil dry. the N3 level gave highest values of Iron concentration in plant 98.12 mg Fe reached Kg -1 dry matter and Fe available in the soil at flowering stage 3.35 mg Fe Kg -1 soil, as compared to the control. Iron F3 treatment showed the highest leaf area 47.53 cm  and N concentration in plant 2.72% and the iron concentration in plant 93.41 mg Fe Kg -1 dry matter and the nitrogen available and available-iron ratios in the soil at flowering , the F2 level was superior for  plant height was 107.3 cm, as compared to check. N3F3 treatment was superior over all, particularly control

Turki Muftin Sa’ad,  College of Agric.,  Muthanna Univ.

Asalah Munaf Abd AL Khaleq, College of Agric.,  Muthanna Univ.




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