Field Evaluation of some Plants Water Extracts on Ammonia volatilization in Soil


A field experiment was conducted in Al- Muthanna province.  at sweer river during the growing season of 2016. The experiment was carried to evaluate efficiency of some plants water extracts (Caper seeds, Garlic) and urea treated with DMPP on ammonia volatilization in soil. Plants extracts were applied at rate of 1:10 (extract: urea). Conventional urea and urea with extracts and DMPP were applied at levels of   80, 160, 240 Kg N h – 1 with two dose. . Factorial Experiment carried out according to RCBD with three replications. Ammonia volatilization was estimated on periods of 1, 8, 15, 23, 30, 31, 38, 45, 53, and 60 day after addition. Water extract of caper seeds significantly reduced ammonia volatilization , as compared to DMPP  and Plants fertilized with level 80 to 160 and 240 Kg N h,  which revealed the highest ammonia volatilization

Hanoon  N. Kadhem AL-Barakat Agric. College,  Muthanna Univ.

Ahmed .K.Fazaa, Agric. College,  Muthanna Univ.


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