Hydrochemistry Pollution Water Sediment of Slaibat Depression South Iraq


The study was conducted on Slaibat depression in Southern Iraq between longitude 45 ° -34 ‘, 45 °’ 52 ‘and   Latitude 30’ 50 ‘, 30º59 , Water samples were collected for four seasons during the period  from October 2015 to July 2016 from five sites , they were selected according to the change in electrical conductivity values. Increases in electrical conductivity values were found during the spring season, with average 25.94 dsm-1, and it is over the valid limits of drinking water According to World Health Organization, and is very dangerous according Food and Agriculture Organization International (FAO). It is also very dangerous owing to the toxicity of chloride, sodium and boron. High bicarbonate effects, it is safe in regard to nitrates according to the classification of FAO. A high concentration of lead was observed during the spring 0.1908 mgl-1, the lead values were within the allowed limits for irrigation water according to the classification of FAO but, above the allowed limits of drinking water according to the World Health Organization. Concentration of both cadmium and mercury were increased in summer 0.04692, 0.00159 mgl-1 respectively, however, their concentration was not tangible by the Measuring equipment during the autumn.


A.A. Radhi , Agric. College, AlMuthanna Univ.

M.K. Obaid, Agric. College, AlMuthanna Univ.


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