The relationship between genetic markers (HSC, BM1818 andMAF035) and some attributes growth in Awassi Sheep


The study was carried out in the first Agricultural station followed experiment research, Agriculture College, AlMuthanna  University and in a Laboratory dealing with the analysis of molecular genetic from 01/11/2015 until 30/8 /2016. The objective of this study was to identify  and to determine the relationship between genetic markers HSC, MAF035 and BM1818 with loci (2.3, 4 and 5) , (2,3and 4) and (3,4and 5) allele respectively and Some of growth properties. Results showed significant superiority (P≤0.05) for marker HSC in genetic sites 5 allele  in some of growth properties represented by rate of  body increasing of infants on the other ewes carrying genetic locations, which varied among them in other qualities. The presence significant (P≤0.05) for marker MAF035 in genetic site 4 allele in birth weight and weight increasing of infants at weaning on the ewes carrying two others, the presence of significant superiority (P≤0.01) for marker BM1818 in ewes carrying site genetic 5 allele in weight at birth the superiority of significant (P≤0.05) in weight at weaning on the ewes carrying others location

Hadi Awad Hassooni Al-Brkat, Agric. College, AlMuthanna Unv.

Wafaa Ismail Al-Samarrai, Agric. College, AlMuthanna Unv.


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