The contribution of the flag leaf and the lower parts of the leaves and spike in the production of dry matter and composition holds the grain for three Wheat


Tow field experiments were carrieed out during winter season (2015 – 2016) at agricultural experiments and researsh station of the college of Agriculture – University of Muthanna, to study the contribution of flag leaf, other leaves, parts of spike and tips in production of dry matter and composition of grain yield for wheat crop. The experiment carried out the Split plot using with  R.C.B. desgin to three replication. Results showed the control treatment gave high mean grain yield (2.592 g./plant), biological yield (5.283 g/plant). Removing of flag leaf, tip and other leaves treatments led to reduce grains per spike, weight of grain, grain yield, biological yield and percentage of protein. Shadowing of spike treatment highly decreased yield components but increased percentage of protein. Percentage of the contribution of flag leaf, other leaves, tips and spike (20.11, 13.35, 15.38 and 43.63%, respectively). Resheid cv.  gave the highest means of wet and dry weight, no. of spike per m2, grain yield (1.756 g plant), biological yield (4.157 g plant) and percentage of protein (12.80 %) . The interaction (control treatment X Resheid cv.) gav  e high biological yield (6.233 g plant). The interaction (removing of spike treatment X Resheid cv.) gave high percentage of protein (14.56 %).

Faisal M. M. Al-Tahir, Agric. College, Mathanna Unv.

Israa Rahi .S. Al Hamdaoui, Agric. College, Mathanna Unv. 


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