Effect of foreign stains of bacterial inoculation Rhizobium leguminosarum and their application methods on the fababeans (Vicia faba L.)


Pots experiment was carried out in greenhouse conditions at College of Agriculture of Al-Muthanna University during 2013 season to investigate the interaction effects of using two foreign strains of bacteria R. leguminosarum, which were obtained from International Centre for Agriculture Research in the Dry Land (ICARD) and three application methods namely carrier, infusion seeds, and soil injection. Plastic pots of 10 kg soil were used to evaluate the effect of inoculation broad bean plants.  Strains were diagnosed by biochemically, Microscopically and morphologically. All strains are belonged to the R. Leguminosarum biovar Vicia and take symbols foreign strains R467, R483.The parameters recording at two stages (65 and 105) day, the number of nodules, dry matter weight of stems, dry matter weight of roots, plant height were recorded. The treatments means were compared by using L.S.D. and three replications for each treatment and the completely randomized design (CRD).The obtained results from experiments of biochemistry test proved that the two strains belong to the genes Rhizobium. The inoculated plants had higher values in all examined parameters, as compared to inoculated ones. The interaction effects of inoculant (R483+ Carrier) showed significant increases in all detected traits.

Turki M. Saad / College of Agriculture/ AlMuthanna Univ.

Hussein J. Al Toblany / College of Agriculture/ AlMuthanna Univ.

Ghanim B. Albarky / College of Agriculture/ AlMuthanna Univ.



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