Effect of magnetic treated irrigation water on the chemical properties of saline soil planted with Barley


A plot experiment was carried out in Qadisiyah University / Faculty of Agriculture in November 4014 to study the effect of four levels of irrigation water magnetically on some chemical characteristics of the soil and on barley growth cultivated in saline soil (Silty Clay Loam), which put in pots 18 kg. Irrigation water treatments including use Magnetic devises which have capacity 500, 1000 and 1500 gauss, as well as the control treatment. The irrigated with a treat water magnetically when the soil lost 30% from available water. The treatment of water magnetically had not significant effect on all the detected characteristics, which were (EC,PH,SAR, the percentage of total calcium carbonate, gypsum dissolved, sodium dissolved, calcium dissolved, magnesium dissolved, potassium dissolved, chlorine dissolved, bicarbonates dissolved and sulfate dissolved), as compared to check irrigation water.

Altoblany HJ.,  Agric. College, Muthanna University

Abd Alhamza JS., Agric. College, Qadisiyah University

ALzobaidi BMJ., Agric. College, Muthanna University


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