Plant Date Hold in quality Several genotypes from the sun flower Helianthus annuus L.


This study was carried out during the spring season of 2014 at the guiding farm of Al-Nejmy village, Al-Samawa. The objective of study was to investigate the effect of sowing dates on the growth, yield, yield components, particularly oil. 45 experimental units were included to represent two factors the 1st was sowing dates (1February, 15 February, 1March, 15 March, 1 April). While the second was denoted to cultivars (Flame, Tarsan 1018 and Gartago). The second planting date was the best, as compared to others in the seed number in the disc average of 907.40. 3rd date revealed superiority over others in weight of 100 seeds, yield of plant , total yield , harvest index and oil percentages 4.63gram , 42.05gram, 2.79ton per hectare,43.34% and 41.99%, respectively. Tarsan 1018 exceeded other cultivars in seed number per disk and harvest index (858.20 and 40.31%, respectively). Flame showed superiority in weight of 100 seed, yield plant, the percentage total yield and the oil (3.96g, 34.58 g, and 2.29 ton per hectare and 41.26 %, respectively).

ALKhanasa Hussain Fanfoon

Yahyaa Kuraidy Chillab 

Agric. College-AlMuthanna Univ


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