In vitro maturation of Local goat oocytes using different concentration of sheep follicular fluid


 Two laboratory experiments were conducted in the depart of Animal Resources, Collage of Agriculture, University of AL-Muthanna to investigate the effect of varying rates of Sheep follicular fluid (SFF( on the SMART media as a culture media for In vitro maturation (IVM). After collection from the follicles, the follicular fluid was subjected to inactivation process and supplied with antibiotics (penicillin and streptomycin), then preserved in the Refrigerator under 5oc to be used latter. IVM results showed that the concentration of 15% SFF significantly (p<0.05) increased the percent of  IVM (59%±0.5) of the Oocyte with cumulus cells, as compared to anther concentration 0%,5% and 10%  48 ±0.5, 47 ±0.4 50 ±0.4%, respectively. Insignificant differences were detected  between all concentration of SFF on the percent of IVM of the Oocyte without cumulus cells.

Ali Abdullah Al-Zuairi, Agric.

Abeer Abdulsattar Aljabiri, College, AlMuthanna Univ.



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