To counter salt stress and product stress from it on corn seed germination


A germination test was conducted for L. maize seed L. 5018 in the seed testing and certification laboratories – Ministry of Agriculture – Basrah Governorate, in June 2015, With a agents experience included, The first factor is to soak the seeds with combinations of (1- salicylic 2-GA3 3- K+and Ca ++) to obtain 12 independent treatments representing their combined effect. The first is salicylic acid at concentration 0, 2 and 3 ml. The second Gibberellin (GA3) concentration of 300 mg.L-1, The third Nutritious Minerals (CaSO4 concentration of 73.45 mM L-1 and KCl concentration of 7.56 g), Gibberellin and Nutritious Minerals Two levels absence Or presence, The second factor concentrations of salt to the middle of Germination 0, 50, 100 or 150 mM L-1 of NaCl. The seeds were soaked in the above treatments and the seeds were then planted in dishes of polyethylene 9 cm in diameter and containing a medium of pure sand, The coefficients were distributed according to complete randomized design (C.R.D) with three replicate. The results showed that increased concentration of salt in the men of germination reduced all germination indicators by inverse proportion, and salinity resistance factors gave significant results in improved seedling germination, The treatment showed 8 (salicylic 2 mML-1 with both Gibberellin and nutrients Racists) significantly higher in germination indicators and seedling growth. The speed and proportion of germination increased, plumule length, soft and dry weight, Radicale length, fresh and dry weights increased by 104.42, 82.78 and 113. 02, 78.32, 92.38, 31.66, 66.66 and 111.11% respectively. Suggesting that repairing damage caused by a particular stress does not necessarily mean repairing all the damage. Salt stress comes with a package of stresses, and it can be concluded that a multifaceted confrontation may be more effective in reducing the damage of stress.

Basheer Abdalla Abraheem, College of Agriculture,Bagdhad univ.

Hadi Hanoon Kadhim Al – Ghizy, Agriculture Directorate of Basra


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