Impact of fertilizer nutrition and magnesium on some vegetative, yield and chemical traits of summer squash


  A field experiment was conducted to study the effect of inorganic fertilizer of Agro leaf and Magnesium in some vegetative growth and chemical contents of Summer Squash (Cucurbita  pepo L.)  Randomized Complet Block Design was used with three replications. Three concentrations of Agro leaf ( 0, 15   ,30 ) gm L -1 were sprayed on plants. Four concentrations of Magnesium ( 0 ,0.75  ,1.50 and 2.25 mM) were also sprayed. The most effective Agro leaf – foliar nutrition treatment was  (30)  gm l -1),  which caused significant differences in total chlorophyll 33.84 SPAD, Leaf area 1.16 m 2, leaf plant -1 32.40,  K and  Mg in leaves 2.91 and 0.25 %, respectively. The lowest values of detected parameters were confined to control. Spraying with magnesium at 2.25 mM significantly increased leaf area 1.32 m2. Interaction between Agro leaf and Magnesium A3Mg4 significantly increased all investigated traits.

Baqer Challab Hadi AL-Rubaye*

College of Science AlMuthanna Univ


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