Study on the chemical components, structure of milk and the concentration of the Lactophine Laysosuim in She –Camels milk


This study was conducted at the animal’s research station of the college of agriculture, university of Al Muthanna during 20/09/2014 to 20/6/2014 where 8 camels were selected at same session. All the 8 She-camels have the same weight and the age in order to estimate chemical competent of She-camels milk (fat, proteins, lactose, non-fat dry content and non-dry matter) and then to identify the lactiphine laysisioum proteins, which has immunization potential in the Iraqi she-camels. Samples were collected during the two months of the milking session and for 10 months. Samples where tested chemically by the milk testing device ( lacto scan) of EON company. The proteins levels where assessed by using the immunization radiation diffusion method. The results have been analyzed by using the statistical analyzer (SAS 2004) and the different where tested by multiple level Ducan test. High concentrations of the milk contents and Lactopine laysosuim were observed at the beginning of the milking session and then decreased at the end, where the fats, proteins, non-fat dry matter and total dry matter were 0.15±3.37, 0.11±2.44, 0.12±4.64, 0.30±6.92, 0.19±10.45, respectively, and the stage of lactate production month was effected (P≤0.05) on all of studied parameters.

Gassan Samir Diharib, Agric. Collage, Al-Muthanna Univ *

     Ali Hussain Khalil AL Hilali, Agric. Collage, Al-Muthanna Univ

     Ali Abdualh Al Saadoon, Agric. Collage, Al-Muthanna Univ.


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