Concentration of pollution elements and alluvial translocation by dust storm in Basra Governorate


A study was carried out during 27 February to 25 December 2014 to detect the type of wind translocated particles and their roles in soil pollution with macro and micro elements in Basra Governorate. Dust samples were collected from Basra center and Zubair areas, Cations and anions including (Ca++, Mg++, Na+, K+, Cl=, SO4=, CO3= and HCO3-) and trace elements ( Fe , Zn , Cu  , Mn , pb  and Cd) were determined. Increase in the amount of sand translocated particles of dust storm, as, compared to silt and clay particles. Differences in the concentration of cations, anions and trace elements with differ intensity dust storm were recorded. High value for Ca++ found in 27 February that 228.4 and 244.0 mmol l-1in zubair and Basrah center location respectively. Additionally,  high values were observed in trace element for Fe in 13 July  that 12.69 and 12.75 ppm in Zubair and Basra center location respectively.

Wafaa A. Ahmad Agric. College,  Basra University


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