Effect different sources of plant oils and animal fats additive to diets in some characteristics of chicken meat carcasses


An attempt was conducted in the field of poultry farm, Agric. College, Muthanna Univ., during the period from 1/10/2016 until 4/11/2016, to investigate the influences of adding different sources of plant oils and animal fats to the diet on the carcass traits of broilers of the Ross 308 strain. Thus, the treatments were T1 first treatment (The diet contains 5% corn oil), T2 second treatment (The diet contains 5% olive oil),  T3 third treatment (The diet contains 5% fat chicken) and T4 fourth treatment (The diet contains 5% fat sheep).

Results showed that addition was significantly increased  (p≤ 0.05) the dressing percentage without the edible intestines, the dressing percentage with edible intestines (Liver, heart, gizzard), and in the relative weight of the main segments (chest, thigh, link femoral talus). However,  significant reductions were recorded  in the relative weight of secondary cuttings (neck, back and wings), and in the treatment added 5% corn oil compared to the rest of the other experimental treatments.

Maitham Abbas Aziz, Directorate of Agric. in Thi-Qar*

Ibrahim Fadel Bidee, Agric. College, Al-Muthanna Univ


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