Economic of potato production for Atumn season 2015-2016, Baghdad governerate as practical case


The research aimed at estimating the production function and the total cost function, as well as measuring the efficiency of resource use, technical, economic, price and cost efficiency. The study was based primarily on a simple random sample of (155) farmers in Baghdad governorate for the autumn season (2015-2016), The double logarithmic formula was the most suitable for the production function. The resource efficiency criteria indicated that potato farmers were efficient in using resources (seed, phosphate fertilizer, human labor) and were inefficient in using irrigation and pesticides. Cubic formula was more suitable for the total cost function according to the statistical, econometrical, and economical tests., The optimum size of production and size that maximize profit were 119.069, 143.398 ton, respectively. Technical, economic and price efficiencies were estimated at 34.25933, 34.25937, and 73.521%, respectively. While the cost efficiency was estimated at (0.454), and the net farm income that achieved over all the sample less about (10380.741) thousand dinars than that achieved at optimal size.

Faisal H. Nasser, Agric. Directorate, Baghdad

Osamah K. AL-Ukeili, Agric. College, Baghdad Univ



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