The Effect of Different Levels of Fertilizer NPK of Growth and yield Medicago sativa L. and Triticosecale and Mixture


A field experiment was carried out at the Second Agricultural Research Station of the Faculty of Agriculture / Al-Muthanna University, located on the Euphrates River in Al-Bandar village, southwest of Al-Muthanna Governorate (800 m away from Samawah City Center / Muthanna Governorate) during the 2016-2017 winter season. Mixtures of forages. Medicago sativa L with a fixed seed quantity 40 kg ha-1 with Triticosecal wheat each with 160 kg ha-1 seed yield, for three levels of NPK (60, 100 and 140) kg ha-1 and their overlap in growth, feed yield and four cuttings. The experiment was applied in fractional heiqht splitting design according to RCBD and three replicates.  The results showed significant superiority of the treatment (alfalfa singl)   higher by giving it the highest average of highe49.50 cm and number of branches 2092 branches and leaf area 44.50 m2 plants-1.  The treatmeant (alfalfa + tritical) was superiority of dry fodder yield (23.43) tons ha-1 .As for fertilizer, it was significantly higher than 140 kg ha-1 of dry feed yield (23.06) tons ha-1  .In the interaction between the study agents, feed mixtures and fertilizer NPK, a variation was observed between the combinations within the mixture. The combination of alfalfa + tritical and the level of compost 140 kg ha-1  in some characteristics of the quantitative and qualitative yield of the foliar mixture were recorded by recording the highest dry feed during the third tranche And 26.87 tons ha-1) .

SH.I. AL-rfeia

M.R. AL-absawy1

Agric. college, AL-Muthanna


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