Effect of Bacterial pollination and mixing of different seeding rates of Avena sativa L. with Trifolium alexandrinum L. in growth and fodder yield of Clover


A field experiment was conducted in agricultural second research station, Agric. College, Al- Muthanna Univ., Iraq, during 2016 – 2017 growing season to determine the effect  clover inoculation with bacterial, and different mixture ratios of  oats Avena sativa L. (25%, 50%, 75% and 100%) with amount of Trifolium alexandrinum L. seeds (40kg. h-1)] on growth, green forage yield, for five cutting. Bacterial inoculation treatment recorded the highest 5th cutting in plant nitrogen content 0.44%, 4th  cutting in branch numbers 2265 branch.m-2. Clover alone gave 0.97% in the 2nd cutting. Clover and Oats mixture treatment was superior over others in plant nitrogen contents 0.75%, in 2nd cutting, The highest forage fresh  and dry weights in 2nd cutting 80.30 and 10.73 ton ha-1, respectively, were confined to mixture treatment of 75% Otas + Clover. 50% Oats + Clover x bacteria inoculated mixture showed the highest plant nitrogen content0.66%,  in 4th cutting. Clover only x bacterial inoculation gave the highest yield of green forage in 4th  cutting 99.70ton ha-1. 75% oats +Clover x bacterial inoculation revealed the highest dry yield weight in 4th cutting 12.17ton ha-1 .

Faisal Mihbes Al-Tahir

    Hawraa Saad Al-Jayashi1

Agric .college  ,  Al Muthanna Unv


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