Individual and combined Effect of Aflatoxine B1 and ochratoxine –A in BroiIer Chicken Performance (ISA).


Factoriai Treatment2×2 consisting of dietery aflatoxine B1(3,0µg/gm) and ochratoxine-A(5,0µg/gm) were used to evaluate the individual and combined effect of these treatment on male broiler chicken (ISA type) performance. Chickens maintained on these treatments from 1-21 days of age. Aflatoxine B1 and ochratoxine-A, significantly decreased body weight, growth rate, serum protein, albumin and cholesterol. Aflatoxisis was characterized by changes in Red blood cells counts, serum glucose and activity of serum transaminase enzyme.  B1 aflatoxine and ochratoxine-A tended to decrease Mitotic index and increased chromosomal aberration in treatment, which was fed by aflatoxis rations. Combination of Aflatoxine B1 and ochratoine-A treatments increased t toxic severity of feed, as compared to applying them individually.

ALI, H.K. AI- Hillali, Agric. College, Al-Muthanna Univ.*

 Saied W.S, Ministry of Sci. and Tech.., Biol. and Agric. Office



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