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GGFDGGDMuthanna University. MJAS is published online, besides hard printed copies,  which are publicly available. MJAS is an annually published manuscripts  related to basic, physiology, crops, protection, soil and animal production  sciences. MJAS contents are open-free access, and author (s) are allowed to  do their final touch to their accepted manuscript. MJAS is published under the  supervision of BM Publisher.  

Frequency of Publication One volume per year. The volume consists of four issues.

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The Effect of Different Levels of Fertilizer NPK of Growth and yield Medicago sativa L. and Triticosecale and Mixture

SH.I. AL-rfeia                                            M.R. AL-absawY

Study of the relationship between the concentration of leptin ,Testosterone and insulin in the infertile men

Zainab Salim Jabbar                                  Kadhem Mohammed Sabaa

Economic of potato production for Atumn season 2015-2016, Baghdad governerate as practical case Osamah K. AL-Ukeili                                Faisal H. Nasser

Kinetic Release of Phosphorus when Adding Different Levels of Phosphor and its Fractionation in the Soil Planted Wheat Crop  (Triticum aestivum L)

    T. M. Saad                                            M.H. AL-absawy

Individual and combined Effect of Aflatoxine B1 and ochratoxine –A in BroiIer Chicken Performance (ISA).

  ALI, H.K. AI- Hillali                                 Saied W.S

Effect of Bacterial pollination and mixing of different seeding rates of Avena sativa L. with Trifolium alexandrinum L. in growth and fodder yield of Clover

Faisal Mihbes Al-Tahir                             Hawraa Saad Al-Jayashi1

Morphological study of Histological changes of the Normal and cystic follicles in the ovaries of local cows in Iraq Khadim M. S                                           Ahmed A. K

Effect of using three different sources of water in some hematological traits of local male rabbits (oryctolagus cuniculus).

Mohamad K.Hamed Al-Absaw

Response of Triticum aestivum Wheat (IPA99 variety) to Different Types of Organic Fertilizers Salih Hadi Farhood Al-Salim         Maysoun M. Saleh         Nabeel A. K.AL-kaeath           Reem Al-edelbi
Study effect of lambing type , lamb sex , consecutive and early weaning on growth and body measurements lambs of Arabi sheep Ahmed J. Al-yasery            Hadi A. Hassooni. AL-Brkat         Hameed A. wadah         Baseem .F.Shaker

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