Peer Reviewers

Peer Reviewers

All received manuscripts are peer-reviewed precisely by independent academic editor and independent specialist reviewer. Manuscripts that have been approved by highly qualified workers their specialization match the field of the given article.

Published manuscripts should be previously recommended by an editorial board belong to a scientific organization worldwide. Publishing processes commenced immediately after receiving the manuscript approval from reviewers and the editorials board of our journal.

The editorial board has the wright to reject even the approved article by the reviewers providing that they have to keep the rejection reasons secret except for the manuscript author.

MJAS has a file for carefully selected reviewers categorized according to their specializations. Name, telephone number, institute, email and specialization for each reviewer are listed in PC and hard copy list in order to make processing easier for author (s).

E-mail with attach files including a message for reviewing request, questioner form for article evaluation and reviewer comment and decision besides a manuscript word copy. Sometimes, reviewer receives the above documents directly from the journal editorial board.

The journal editorial board sends the received manuscripts to two peer-reviewers first if both of them accepted it, then the final decision will be taken by editorial board. If both reviewers rejected the manuscript, editorial board has to inform the author. However, in case one reviewer accepted the article, and it is rejected by the second reviewer, here, the article will be send to third reviewer, waiting for his decision.

After we receive back files belong to journal from the reviewer, the editorial board investigates the reviewer decision and comment, which might be either article required no correction, minor correction, major correction and or rejection. The author has to do the required correction, unless he proves that the reviewer (s) are mistaken. In this case the journal has to send back the author interpretations, if which otherwise the manuscript will be considered as rejected one.

Authors should know the final decision and have to be confined to it through doing the required correction, if which, otherwise the manuscript will be rejected.

Sometimes reviewers demand to see the correction to make sure that author obeyed, in this case, the editorial board has to meet the reviewers demand. Journal editorial will do correction checking, if they not receive such request from reviewers.

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