Volume (4) ISS NO. (1) 2016



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1 The Interaction Effect between Inoculation with local Azotobacter Isolates and Ristrat application on
the Numbers of bacteria in soil and growth of Barley
Mohammed Saeed Haran
Ali Salem Hussein 


2 In vitro maturation of Local goat oocytes using different concentration of sheep follicular fluid Ali Abdullah Al-Zuairi
Abeer Abdulsattar Aljabiri
3 Effects of application dates and rates of agricultural sulfur on iron availability in soil and content in two wheat cultivars Turkey Muftin Saad
Abdulkareem Hamad Hassan
Anmar Hammodi Kadhim
4 Effect of Foliar application of Iron and potassium Fertilization on Growth Yield of Wheat (Triticum
aestivum L.)
Rawnak M. Jazaa

Karem H. Mohsen

Baha AldinM. Mohsen

5 Effect of magnetic treated irrigation water on the chemical properties of saline soil planted with Barley Altoblany HJ.
Abd Alhamza JS.
ALzobaidi BMJ.
6 The role of Bacterial Inoculation For Mung Bean Crop Vigni radiata L. And its Effect in increasing The
Productivity Of Wheat Triticum aestivum L.
Yahia K.Challab 
Turki M.Saad
Karrar F.Joan 
7 Evaluation of water Euphrates river at Al-Khidir city district – Al- Muthanna governorate – Iraq . Ali abdul Ghani kadhem Al- Khazragi https://muthjas.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/
8 The effects of climate change on climate factors (wind duration to create erosion) in the general equation
for wind erosion in some Iraqi provinces
Saad Ahmad Hassoon 
Mohammad Abdullah Al-Rawi
9 Effect Salicylic acid treatment in improving wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and chickpeas (Cicer
arietinum L.) under salt stress conditions
Mohammed Alwan Hashim 
Mohammed Radwan Mahmoud
Nasser Habib Mahabs 
10 Effect of using three types of probiotic in the diet of common carp Cyprinus carpio L. reared in closed
water system
Ali Hussein Salman
Amal Thamer Al-Kaabi


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