volume( 6 ) Issue no(1) year 2018

  • volume( 6 ) Issue no(1) year 2018





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A. H. A.Al -Hamadani
H. Al-Din A. M. Saleh
Functional responses of the egg parasitoid
Trichogramma evanescens (Westwood) (Hymenoptera :Trichogrammatidae) on Angoumois moth ,Sitotroga cerealella (Oliver) (Lipedoptera: Gelechiidae)


Wafaa A. Ahmad
Concentration of pollution elements and alluvial translocation by dust storm in Basra Governorate

Ali Majeed Shakir
Yaasir Dakheel Kremsh Al
Study age and growth of Planiliza abu fish in the Euphrates river that passing through
Qadisiyah Governorate

Ibrahim F. Al-Zamili
Ali H. Khalil
Saad A.S. Al – Aridhi
Study of the external and internal egg traits for four poultry  species  reared in IRAQ

Aqeel Y. Alshukri
Ali J. Hammod
Ali H. Mohammed
Salah A. Abdul Hussein
Effect of adding of fermented wheat bran by  Aspergillus oryzae on some productive and physiological traits in broiler chicks

Maitham Abbas Aziz
Ibrahim Fadel Bidee
Effect different sources of plant oils and animal fats additive to diets in some
characteristics of chicken meat carcasses

Haidar Ibrahim Ali

Dhuha Sadik Ali

Evaluation of the inhibitory effect of the water, alcohol and oil extract of  Rosmarinus officinalis L. in some pathogenic bacteria

M.H. Abdul – Abbas
A.S. Hussein AL Machi
Limestone resources in preparing  premixes used in layer production

Qasim A. S. Al – Zyadi
Sajid O. Mohammad
Effect of p lanting date and salicylic acid
spray on growth of burdock plant ( Arctium lappa L.) and its roots content of quercetin and arctiin compounds

Ghanem Bahlool Noon
Effect of Inoculation with bacteria
Azospirillum brasilense and Glomus mosseae and Levels of Organic Matter in the Phosphorous available and Growth Of Barley Plant ( Hordeum Vulgare L.)

Ali Farhod Naser
Ahmed Abdlkadhem Al –  mothefer
Effect of seeding quantity and chemical fertilizer on growth and grain yield of Oats ( Avena sativa L.)

Mohammed H. N. ALjana
Esraa R. S. AL hamdawi
Maryam H. Alkifaei
Evaluation of new wheat Triticum aestivum
L. genotypes under al muthanna  environment

Ammar Mousa Jaffar Al shammari
Ali Hussen Khalil AL –  Hilali
Effect of supplement different levels of watercress (Eruca Sativa) seeds on productive performance of broiler chickens

Faris Abrahem abed
Effect foliar application of different  concentrations of Kally 28 and potassium  nitrate on growth an d yield of carrot ( Daucus carrota L.)

Faisal Mihbes Al – Tahir Hawraa Saad Al – Jayashi
Effect of different seeding rates of Oate  and Bacterial inoculation in growth  characters and forage yield for forage mixture of Oat and Egyption clover





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