volume( 6 ) Issue no(2) year 2018

volume( 6 ) Issue no(2) year 2018






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T. M. Saad
N .D. AL – zaiadi
Effect of inoculation with local isolates of Azospirillum spp . and nitrogen Fertilizer in  some specific qualities of wheat plant Triticum aestivum L


A. K. Jbar
Influence of biological inoculant of
Paenibacillus polymyxa on available  phosphorous from phosphorous rock on growth and yield of Zea mays L

Alaa Khudher Jbara
 Turki Meften Saad
Rahem Alwan Haluel
Effect of adding of humic and fulvic acid on the availability of N.P.K, in the soil and number, weight of the root nodules and yield of broad been ( Vicia Faba L.)

Ghufran Dia Baqer Taj  Alden ,
Abdel – Muhsen A.Radhi Al  – Jabery
Mineral analysis of some Mothana desert  and sedimentary soils

A. A. Radhi
M. K. Obaid
Hydrological characteristics and pollution
sediment of wslaibat depression south Iraq

Dhellal Muhamme d Halbos
Effect of additional foods and Feeding Ratio  on Some Growth Indicators of fish  Ctenopharyngodon idella

Farah Anwar Taqi
Aida Fawzi Ahmed
Measuring the total productivity and the  contribution of the growth of production  elements in the growth of the agricultural GDP for the period (1990 – 2015)

Haider H. B.
Ali J. A
Miqdad J. A
The economics of poultry production in  Muthanna Governorate for the year 2017

Faisal M. M. Al – Tahir
Maryam Hamid Abdul –  Kadhim Alkifaei
Response of Wheat Varieties Newly  Introduced to Different Planting Dates

T. M. Saad
M. H. AL – absawy
Effect of Addition of Levels of Phosphorus  and Their Fragmentation in the  Characteristics of Growth and Wheat Yield  Triticum aestivum L)






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