volume( 6 ) Issue no(4) year 2018



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Ismail Hussain Ali

Fahmi Salih Sulaiman


Genetic Studies of Drought Tolerance Indices of F2 Generations Population in Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum)



Saad A. Al-Ardhi

Waleed K. Al-Hiani


The effect of different levels of Hesperidin in Diet on some productive traits of local Fowl



Rasheed, L. H. 

Al-Badri, B. H


Reality of international marketing of the Iraqi dates


Ali H. Salman

Mariam J. Mohammed 

Ahmed R. Jabar


Using of Qataf (Atriplex halimus L.) in comon carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) diets




Anfal S. Fakher 

          Sundos A. Alabdulla

          Haithum A. Ali


Effect of magnetic treatment of irrigation water on growth and yield of sunflower genotypes    Helianthus annuus L.


Iman K, Mustafa

Osamah  K. Jbara


Forecasting production, consumption and the food gap of rice crop in Iraq using Exponential Smoothing method




Nagham R. Mohammed

Eskander   H. Ali 

Economic efficiency estimation of Rice crop in the Najaf Province in 2016 growing season



.AL-rfeia, S. H. I

.AL-absawy, M. R


The effect of different levels fertilizer NPK on growth and yield of Medicago sativa L., Avena sativa L.  and their mixtures


Ali Majeed Shakir

  Yaasir Dakheel Kremsh Al-Asadiy



Detection of parasites infecting Coptodon zillii and Planiliza abu  caught from Euphrates river and their records as new hosts for three identified parasite species




Hanoon  N. Kadhem AL-Barakat 

Effect of humic, and fulvic acid spraying on iron availability in soil and corn    growth    and    productivity









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