Volume(3)ISSUE NO.(2) Year(2015)



Research Title

Researcher Name




1 Effect of potassium application, organic fertilizers and salicylic acid foliar application on growth and
yield of summer Squash (Cucurbita pepo L.)
Baqer Ch. Hadi Al-Rubaye 
Eiman J. Abdul-Rassol 

2 Effect of different concentrations foliar of potassium on yield and yield commpont for varieties of Sorghum
bicolor L. (moench))
Yhiya Kuraidy Chillab 
Saja Abdullah Mohammed

3 Effect of Inoculant for Paenibacillus polymyxa and Glomus mosseae and Application Technique in yield
and growth of corn (Zea mays L.).
Ghanim B.N.Alburky 
Bahaa A.Al-Hadithi

4 Impact of fertilizer nutrition and magnesium on some vegetative, yield and chemical traits of summer squash Baqer Challab Hadi AL-Rubaye

5 effect of water salinity on biological nitrogen transformation in the soil Abdul Hameed, B. A. 
Nada hamaid majaid 
Farage H. A. 

6 To counter salt stress and product stress from it on corn seed germination Basheer Abdalla Abraheem  
Hadi Hanoon Kadhim Al – Ghizy

7 Effect of extract of Allium sativium on some biochemical and immunological characters in Haberd broiler Ali S. Ameen

8 Polyculture densities of Common carp and Silver Carp in floating cages Muthanna province the
Euphrates River
Taha Yassin Farhan 
Louay Mohammed Abbas   
Dhellal Muhammed Halbos

9 Effect of adding Cinnamomum cassia powder to the ration on some blood physiological parameters of
broiler Ross 308
Nihad Abdul-Lateef  
Ali Jawad Rzuoki




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